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We specialise in retrofitting LED lamps for business. Switching to LED lighting will save you a fortune in energy costs, giving you the "edge" in this very competitive environment. If you are looking for more information about greener energy, you have come to the right place.

The LED Lighting Revolution

We do not make any false claims. The old adage of "if it sounds too good to be true, then it is" is not true here! I'm here to tell you that LED lighting is a revolution and if you're not on board, you can guarantee your competitors will be.

How would you

like to save


on your lighting

electricity bills?
retrofit LED lamps
LED Lighting

If you run a


with 400W

high bays it is

as easy as


  • Turn off your lights

  • Swap them for <150w LED high bays with LUX - MOTION sensors.

  • Turn them back on again.

  • Hey presto,


    energy saving.

    How can we possibly save 90%?

    It would be simple to save 100%, simply by turning off all of your lights. Obviously you can't do that, but you can turn them off when they're not needed. By fitting motion sensors on the lights in the aisles, the new LED bulbs are only switched on when needed. Because of its "instant on" technology, LED lighting is perfect for use with motion sensors.

    Secondly, in a warehouse that has good skylights (clear panels in the roof) the LUX sensors detect the level of light and dim them to the appropriate, pre set, level. The darker it gets, the brighter the lamps. Simples.

    An LED lamp dimmed to 10% uses 10% of the electricity.

    Thirdly, LED lamps burn a fraction of the energy that standard lamps do. Why not watch the energy saving video?

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