Light, a short trip back to school. LED is a revolution!


What is light?

Light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum of radiation between the wavelengths of about 370 nanometers to about 750 nanometers. The invisible infra red being the longer wavelengths and the invisible ultraviolet the shorter.

Speed of visible Light

The speed of light is almost 300,000 kilometers per second, and is one of the fundemental constants of nature. All visible light moves at the same speed in a vacuum.

Electromagnetic Spectrum And Visible Light

Electromagnetic Spectrum

As you can see from the image above, exactly where visible light falls within the electromagnetic spectrum.

Electromagnetic Spectrum And LED Lighting.

LED lighting is different from other sources of light because most of the light produced falls within the visible spectrum. Which is another reason why LED is so efficient.

Incandescent Sone Metal Halide etc.

These lamps are heaters with a by product of light, and as such, most of their energy is given off in the Infra Red end of the spectrum as heat. Up to 90% of the energy is wasted. (unless they are on a bain marie keeping your dinner warm that is).

Florescent tubes and Induction Lighting

Florescent tubes and induction lighting produce light at the other end of the electro magnetic spectrum as well as visible light. This shorter wavelenght produces ultra violet as well as visible light. This is why you can get "dayglow" tubes in nightclubs, and insect killing machines. They all use the ultraviolet end of the spectrum.

Very Little heat and no bugs

You won't see any bugs on an LED, you will also notice it's distinct lack of heat. See this video on our video page for a distinct lack of heat.

LED is a revolution

Light produced in the visible spectrum, a distinct lack of heat, no bugs, what are you waiting for?

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