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Changing your lamps needn't cost you a penny. With finance in place you can start saving straight away without dipping into your capitol. You can keep this for the all important running the business.

Finance To suit Your business

The more hours you work, the better the model, if you work anything above 14 hours a day, 5 days a week then please don't sit on the fence. See here the savings, this example is a 24-6 operation.

No Brain Finance

Carbon Trust or Elsewhere?

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Once upon a time, the carbon trust offered interest free business loans, for companies investing in LED lighting, unfortunately that is no longer the case.

Now they use Siemens commercial finance for all the schemes they are involved in. It is our opinion that, due to the paperwork involved, and the lack of commercial competetiveness, we tend to go out to the market for finance these days.

We are totally open with our customers, and if you can get a better deal from a different finance house, we will be only too pleased to go along with it.
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