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What are the Savings?

We specialise in LED energy efficient lighting and can save you a fortune on your electricity bills.

Specialising in Business to Business sales we can help you substantially improve your operating profits by massively reducing your energy costs. Thus making you more competitive in the ever increasingly competitive world. We can be the "edge" you are looking for.

Here is an Example of the Savings


Take a look at this genuine example. This company has 351 x 400 watt high bay lamps in their production facility. We have taken the figures from their own electricity bill to work out what they are paying to light these lamps for 24 hours a day 6 days a week. It is a staggering figure to say the least.

Now look at the graph. You can see, with just 5% inflation in energy costs per year (a conservative estimation because it went up 10% last year) how much their energy will cost them over the next few years.

The red line would be what would happened if they continued with their current lamps.

The blue line represents the investment in lamps and then tracks the new electricity costs they will have by investing in the Dialight LED high bay fittings.

In this true example, this company returns their original investment in just 2 years. Given the guarantee being 60,000 hours they can rest assured that their investment will pay huge dividends.

The Green Line represents financing the changes.

As you can see from this genuine example, with finance you can make the savings now and benefit over time. Even if the company had a lease on the building for 5 years you could still change the lamps, finance them and follow the green line instead of the red.

This company will save over 2 million pounds on their electricity bills over the next 20 years. How much of a difference will that make to their bottom line?

To keep doing what you are doing is total madness. Why would you choose the red line?

I know the old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, then it is. Well in this instance, it isn't

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