Ultra Reliable LED lights are Solid State

Solid State Technology

Are you apprehensive about the technology? There's absolutely no need to be. The technology is not new. LED is 50 years old this year, and very reliable, it is only more recently that manufacturers like CREE and Philips have been able to make LEDs powerful enough for lighting applications. Have no fear, if you can get your head around the statements below, you will be understand the LED lighting technology and your fear of the unknown will dissapear.

Do you rent a tv?

LED like television

Can you remember, Granada TV Rentals, Redifusion, Rumbelows and Radio Rentals?

If you're of an age then I'm sure you can. But why are they no longer in existence? Because of solid state televisions that's why.

The advent of the transistor meant that valves became a thing of the past, and televisions became very reliable overnight.

LED lighting will make "bulbs and tubes" a thing of the past.

The writing is on the wall.

LED like television

solid state is really reliable

You now buy a TV because if it breaks down, it usually does it within the warranty period.

Does this sound familiar with regard to your own TV?

(I have heard it so many times)

Technology has moved on, and you want to replace your old one with the latest model, but your old one is still working.

You would love to watch the football in High Definition, but your wife won't change because the old ones still works.

Spill a cup of tea down the back, that usually does the trick. ;-)

LED Lighting is solid state

Just like the technology in your TV. LED lighting is solid state, there are no moving parts, no bulbs to burn out, and no tubes to smash.

Even better still, there's no mercury, or any other harmful substance to get rid of, so they are good for the planet twice over.

When will I need to replace them?

Just like your TV now. They will still be running, and will still be lit, when technology has moved even further forward.

Why don't I just wait?

You could just wait and wait and wait until LED lights get more and more and more and more efficient before jumping on board.

That would be simply Crazy

Because all the time you are "waiting" you are...

  • Spending 3 times what you should on electricity
  • Spending money on bulbs
  • Spending money on cherry pickers
  • Spending money on Electricians

    Looking back you will definitely say I should have done it sooner. You will NOT say, I should have waited. I GUARANTEE IT.

    Just do it

    box Stop sitting on the fence, you know it makes sense, as soon as you change, your electricity bill will go down. Simples.

    You or your competitors

    Who is going to embrace the technology and increase their operating profits first? You or your competitors? By saving 66% of your electricity, more if you go for occupancy sensors and lux detection, the edge will be yours and not there's. Whilst they are sitting on the fence, you will be enjoying the extra profits, nice one!

    I can't afford to change!

    If you don't have the capitol to invest in new lamps, then see our finance page. Finance should not stop you saving a fortune and saving the planet at the same time.